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January 19, 2019

Life lessons from throwing myself down snowy mountains while strapped to a piece of board.

Snowboarding, like skiing, looks really cool, but is not all fun and games. 

It can be expensive to access, requiring a trip to the mountains, and may even necessitate flying to fa...

September 23, 2018

All the things I would do differently if I were to build a house again

Last week marks the anniversary of the start of the Meraki Tiny House build. We kickstarted the build in September of 2017, after approximately 1 year of doodle sketching on my own and another 1+ yea...

August 4, 2018

The best way to deal with debt is to have none of it. 

In a world where loan opportunities and credit cards are offered every time you so much as sneeze, and where borrowing money is made incredibly easy and normal, it’s difficult to not be in debt. After all, who would...

July 14, 2018

Not all of us are accountants, but all of us, whether we like it or not, need to manage our money - here's how. 

Previously, we discussed how to allocate your paycheque into certain percentages to suit your priorities and lifestyle. If you haven't done this already...

June 10, 2018

Putting that moolah on your pay slip to the best use.


My first ever official paycheque was for USD 400 – a result of spending 12 hours a week cleaning old vinyl records at the back of the Music Library

Because I was 18 and beyond dumb, I blew all of it on a tick...

April 15, 2018

A continuation of the first personal finance series, but this time more focused on actions.

Last year, I wrote a starter series on personal finance, which mainly revolved around attitudes and mindsets. The series also laid emphasis on shifting some of the underlying bel...

September 30, 2017

Blogposts that I re-read over and over again because the content is just THAT GOOD.

I was a bit late to the blog scene, stubbornly sticking to books and magazines that I deemed more ‘legitimate’. At the time, most blogs were in their infancy stages, with terrible neon c...

August 26, 2017

'Money is a good servant, but a terrible master'. Pick the right side. 

There are essentially three ways to go about becoming wealthy:

1)    make more money (earn as much as you possibly can)

2)    save more money (cut down on spending as much as you can possibl...

July 29, 2017

Having everything you need, and enjoying everything you have. That is where you want to be.

Like everybody else, I grew up with the belief that more is better, especially when it comes to clothes. Why have two dresses when you can have ten? Or three pairs of shoes...

For my 30th birthday, I write love letters to all the people I used to be.

Dear 1-year-old me,

I don’t actually remember what it was like to be you. I don’t think your brain was equipped enough to hold memories, or to even understand much about the world around you, so a...

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