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How to Study Quranic Arabic (Part 2)

March 12, 2016

Tools to learn and study Quranic Arabic to enhance your engagement with, and experience of, the Book of Allah s.w.t.



In Part 1, we agreed that Quranic Arabic is a worthwhile endeavour (and quite a different undertaking than learning Conversational Arabic). If you are as keen to learn as I am, it's time to get our materials and tools ready.  




1. Phone or tablet to run apps with


I use mainly applications (apps) for my Quranic Arabic study. I am an Apple fan, and make use of my iPad for this purpose. Feel free to use whatever device you already have, provided you are able to download and run the apps. One is only available on iTunes, but the other two are available on both iTunes App Store and GooglePlay (see more details below).


2. For the beginner: Quran Study Workbook app (USD 6)


I started off using the Quran Study app first, as it has a nice table that breaks down each sentence word for word. At a glance, you can see the word, the transliteration (how to pronounce it), the English translation and the root word (the three letters).