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DIY Balcony Composter For Landless People


Make your own DIY composter to turn your food & kitchen waste into compost - use it to grow your own food and live more sustainably. 




[If you don't know what a composter is or why I'm telling you to make one, go here.]


Pull those sleeves up for some DIY


I live in an apartment, albeit one with a pretty generous balcony. The balcony is littered with pots & plants though, so due to space constraints, I chose to make a stackable composter just like the Daily Dump’s Kambha collection. The only difference is, instead of using pretty and heavy terracottas, I use crates!


You can definitely get creative about the kinds of materials you use – and if you’re savvy enough, you can even repurpose items you already have around the house for free. As long as the item is sturdy, has enough holes for air to flow through and fits the amount of space you have, it’s good enough.



Gather the materials



1. Crates (x2)

From: Chow Kit (RM 26 each)

I got two to start with, intending to fill one up, then continue to fill the other while the first decomposes. I made sure the crates can be stacked on top of one another.


2. Trays (x2)

From: Chow Kit (RM 20 each)

I got one tray to catch the liquid that will drain out of the bottom-most crate as things decompose, and another one to cover the upper-most crate with.


3. Mosquito mesh

From: Ace Hardware (RM 20)

The crates I bought have very large holes, so I had to cover them up with mesh to make sure the contents stay inside. Depending on your container, you may or may not need this.


4. Bag of Compost Maker

From: Ace Hardware (RM 32 each)

I don’t produce much garden waste or brown waste, so I make do by purchasing this to layer in between my food waste.


5. Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

From: Mr. DIY(Free)

I already had one on hand, because I am a dork like that.


Setup cost: RM 112

Recurring cost: RM 32 for Compost Maker




First, the Setup…



Measure the sides of the crate that you want to cover with mesh.


Cut to size, and glue-gun them from the inside of the crate. 


Repeat with other crates.


Stack in the following order: Bottom Tray > Crate 1 > Crate 2 > Top Tray 




Fill with your first layer of leaves/ compost maker / food waste – YAYYYY! 


The steps above can be significantly reduced if you get the right kind of container, as you get to skip step 1-3 and get straight to making your compost.




Next, the Composting…




Dedicate a small bowl or container in your kitchen to hold all the organic waste you produce throughout the day.


Layer the bottom of your container with some dried material (leaves, paper, etc) and some compost maker. 



Put your collection of kitchen or food waste for the day on top of that. ​