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Getting Started with Digital Paintings

November 5, 2016

Tools and tips to get you started on creating art without the high cost of canvas and tubes of paint.


For those who are also itching to bring out the artists from within them, here's a recommendation on what you need to get started. You might just find yourself with a new hobby or a creative outlet - and for so little cost! (not including your time, which may or may not be expensive, depending on how you value it). 


Physical vs Digital Paintings


People often confuse the paintings I do for physical, canvas paintings that I’ve got stacked up in my room, but they’re not – they are digital paintings, existing only within the kilobytes and megabytes of my hard drive.


Similarly, I am not perched on a stool by an easel, dabbing on paint with brushes on a blank canvas while squinting at a bowl of fruit (or a naked bust) that is the subject of my muse.



Instead, I am sprawled on my bed, often very inelegantly, dragging one fat finger across the tablet screen to activate the digital brush ‘filled’ with digital colours.