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The Price of Your Life

Your Life-Energy is worth something. Figure out your price.



In college, I worked several part time jobs. About a quarter of my waking moments were spent on these jobs, and in all honesty, often times I wish I didn't have to. Being young and free, I had plenty of other options on how to spend my time - things that were actually fun too, like hanging out with friends or watching a movie or going to the beach or eating chocolate Nutella strawberry crepes at the local cafe. I certainly didn't envision spending my youth in the basement of libraries and laboratories... 


...and yet there I was, 20 hours a week, tired from classes, group projects, assignments and exams, wishing I was out playing in the sun, and yet steeling myself for another few hours of work before I could go back to the dorm and maybe get some sleep.  


All that sacrifice, all that effort, all the mishaps with macro-shrimps and thousands of fish requiring feeding... for what?


For money, naturally.


Money that I then immediately blew on the stupidest things.