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Letters to My Past Selves

For my 30th birthday, I write love letters to all the people I used to be.




Dear 1-year-old me,


I don’t actually remember what it was like to be you. I don’t think your brain was equipped enough to hold memories, or to even understand much about the world around you, so all I have are pictures and stories to go by.


From what I hear, you just ate and pooped a lot. You cried way too much and way too often. Your favourite food was Kentucky Fried Chicken’s mashed potato. You had a pair of bulging cheeks that drooped from the sides of your face (probably from all the mashed potatoes you consumed), and those cheeks will see a lot of abuse for the next few years from overly-affectionate relatives. 


The reason why your family will forever refer to you as Miss Chubby till the day you die



You also had the stereotypical Asian-Kid Bowl-Haircut, which was very unfortunate. Thank goodness that’s gone.