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Put Your Money To Work

August 26, 2017

'Money is a good servant, but a terrible master'. Pick the right side. 



There are essentially three ways to go about becoming wealthy:


1)    make more money (earn as much as you possibly can)

2)    save more money (cut down on spending as much as you can possibly can)

3)    grow the money (invest as well as you possibly can).


Most of us are automatically working on item 1: we continue building up our career, adding on work experiences, improving our skill set, and commanding higher pay in return.


Some of us are also working on item 2, slowly but surely building up our savings.


Few of us, however, seem to be working on item 3.



This does not count.


Are you investing your money?


If you’re putting your money in the bank and earning 3% interest, please don