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Ringgits & Cents: Costing for the Meraki Project

January 26, 2018

How much building a house (and an eventual farm-slash-orchard) is costing the wallet.


If you've been following my Personal Finance series, you will know exactly how I feel about loans and interest rates. So when I decided to build my own home, I was adamant about keeping the costs down so that I could afford to do it without having to borrow money. 


That meant:

1) I was limited by what little I have managed to save up or earn in less than a decade of working. 

2) I had to look outside the city in places where prices wouldn't give me a heart attack.

3) I had to really prioritise what it was that I wanted out of my house, and leave out the excess and the unnecessary.

4) I had to make a few unconventional decisions about what my house would be like.


At the point in which I made the decision to build my own house, the only other option I had seriously considered was a 750-square feet studio apartment in town with a price tag of RM 500,000 - cue flashback to my father's infamous sassy quip: "You want to pay half-a-million bucks to live in a shoebox??" 


Well, my father won't be impressed with the fa