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The Game of Trash: Which Mastery Level Are You At?

June 23, 2018

Like any game worth playing, there are levels for you to advance through to become the ultimate Trash-Master.




If you are following this Zero-Waste-wannabe series, you have hopefully by this time conducted your own personal waste audit and are more intimate with the details of your trash can than you probably care to be. Great! 


In this post, we’ll go through the different mastery levels at which we can handle our waste. And while Game of Trash is nowhere near as exciting or scandalous as Game of Thrones, it is still a game worth winning!






Level 1: You chuck everything into the trash can, because meh. 


At this level, you are essentially a noob at this game. You make no distinction among your waste - everything just goes into the gaping hole of your trash can and mixes together in one big, unattractive goop.


Everything and anything goes into this one



As far as you are concerned, the minute you put the trash out of your door, it is no longer your responsibility, and it will be taken away by someone, whoever that is. You are not aware or not concerned with issues of landfill pollution or plastic pollution or the tragedy of a whale dying because its stomach is filled with plastic bags.


Game Items required: Nothing, because that’s essentially what you’re doing - nothing. 


Game commentary: Please don’t remain at this level. You gotta level up!






Level 2: You separate your trash into recyclables and non-recyclables.


At this level, you are aware that not all trash is equal. Back when you were a kid, your school held campaigns about the 3Rs or the 5Rs or however many Rs there are, and you remember enough that you know some things can be put back into use. 


You know, for example, that newspaper and papers can be easily recycled, and may have even watched your parents sell their stack of old newspaper to the old newspaper guy on a bike. You also know that plastic bottles and soda cans are recyclable, and make the effort to separate them into their own trash bags or throw them into the right bins at the shopping mall.


Recycling bins at IKEA



You are also aware that the Government recently made it mandatory to separate your waste, and are dutifully doing so like the good citizen that you are.


Game Items required: Recycling station at home, with separate bins for different materials.


 The recycling station by the kitchen in our home.