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Rainwater Harvesting at the Meraki Tiny House

June 15, 2019

Installing an off-grid rainwater catchment system to water the tiny house with.



Now that the rainy season has begun, at least in my part of the world, it seems to be a good time to introduce the water system I have going on at the Meraki Tiny House. The house is located up on the hill, with no access to the public utility grid at this point in time, which means I cannot plug into the electricity grid or the public water ways that my neighbours down below are on.


Which is just fine, because I never intended to anyway. This house was always meant to be an off-grid structure that can sustain itself. To that end, a solar power system was installed to provide the house with electricity, and it has been running smoothly ever since. 


As for water - well, I didn’t have to try very hard. It literally falls all around me almost every other day. 



Why harvest rainwater?


Because it’s free! 


And in a tropical country such as Malaysia, there is an abundance of it (and with climate change, it only means that it’ll get wetter in the tropics). Where the Meraki Tiny House is situated, the average rainfall is about 3000 mm in a year. 



In fact, given that amount of water dropping down on us from the heavens above, it seems ridiculous to not capture any of it. 



Overall System


The system itself is pretty simple, and not much more sophisticated that simply collecting water in a barrel, to be honest.



Below is a walk through of the system:


Rain falls on my roof and slides down the sloped surface into the gutter...




The gutter carries the water to the pipes that will bring the water down into the storage tank...




The storage tank is hooked up to a water pump...






The pump then shoves the water through a water filter...