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Zero Waste Travel

July 21, 2019

Eliminating, substituting, and/or reducing the waste from our around-the-world gallivanting




Once upon a time, someone once asked me: “If you had to choose between Prince Charming and travel, which would you go for?”, and a much younger me had answered without a shadow of a doubt:


“Duh, travel of course.”


You see, I enjoy travel in roughly the same way Malaysians enjoy food.



 This cat must be Malaysian!



One foreign colleague who visited Malaysia had this for an observation: “You Malaysians are obsessed with food! All you talk about is food. Even when you’re eating, you’re still talking about food!” 


Similarly, all I think about is travel, and even when I’m traveling, I’m planning my next trip.


Being constantly on the move does have some negative side effects, particularly in the amount of waste one can generate, especially when traveling in developing countries where recycling is an alien