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DIY Multifunctional Sofa for the Meraki Tiny House

October 26, 2019

Putting together a custom Do-It-Yourself sofa because why not make life hard for yourself.



My initial hopes and dreams were to DIY most of the interior of my tiny house, having participated in the building of the structure and exterior. In preparation, I must have watched thousands of YouTube videos on how to DIY everything from doors to shelves to dining tables. The people in the video made it look so easy, surely I can do this too?


Well, turns out, no, I can’t. 


While YouTube made it seem like it was only a 5-step easy-peasy process to make your own bathroom cabinet, in real life, and in a country with a low tendency to DIY and high tendency to shop for things, it was more like a 150-step process, especially for a noob like me. 


What kind of wood should I use? I have to let them cure for how long?? I have to drive how many hours to use the nearest workshop and their tools??? A single milimeter off with my wonky woodcutting skills would ruin the entire thing???


After a while, I got exhausted. Simply opening my wallet at the nearest furniture store seemed to make much more stress-free sense, and I shamefully admit that I succumbed.


That being said, I did manage to actually complete least  one DIY project: the sofa!



Multifunctional Sofa Needs


I had a particular kind of sofa in mind. It needed to:

  1. sleep 2 people,

  2. be light and easily movable,

  3. fit my lounging needs (not too high, not too narrow, but just right)

  4. have an embedded ‘coffee table’ because we don’t have space to waste here,

  5. fit the aesthetics I was going for in the house,

  6. oh, be cheap and gentle on my wallet.


I did attempt to go shopping for a suitable couch, and hunted through secondhand furniture stores, firsthand furniture stores and of course, IKEA. The closest that I found to my ideal couch were these two:









As you can tell from the unpronounceable names, both were from IKEA.


Ultimately, I decided not to purchase them, the first because it had no back to lean against (since my couch will be centred in the room rather than against the wall), and the latter because the back was too high with no cushioning (absolutely terrible for lounging), a bit too chunky and didn’t quite fit the vibe I was going for. 



Do-It-Yourself Sofa


In one of my IKEA trips, I took a stroll through the ‘As Is’ section where they sell furniture from their store displays that are no longer useful at a discount price, and found a pre-assembled bare-naked BOMSUND sofa frame. 


I don't have a photo of the frame at the time I bought them,

so the above will have to do in representing what I spent my money on..



Note: IKEA no longer sells the BOMSUND model (and may have upgraded it to another name, BRÅTHULT? Not sure), and this was probably one of the last they had, but with everything else gone missing.


It was the exact shape and size I envisioned for my couch, so I bought it at RM200, plus RM60 for delivery. So now I had a sofa frame, and I added a layer of thin plywood I had lying around, cut to size, on top of the elastic bottom supports.


Adding a layer of thin plywood I already had lying around to strengthen the support under where my butt will be.



Then I purchased a long 7.5 cm foam cushion, cut it to size and used that as the backing for the sofa, so there would be something soft and cushy to lean on.