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My Personal Waste Audit 2 Years Later

February 15, 2020

Assessing my own zero waste progress - gotta walk the talk!



I started this Zero Waste series in 2018 with an audit of my own personal waste. Almost 2 years later, and having written almost 20 articles later about this issue, where am I with my own Zero Waste effort?


It’s easy to spout out a list of things to do and tell people that they should do them, but am I walking my own talk? Time to find out!







Most of my stationery are actually hand-me downs from my mother (who hoarded an astonishing amount during her PHD years) as well as things I’ve kept since my high school years. I’ve also minimised the number of stationery I use, and I ditched single-use pens by switching to fountain pens, which completely changed my experience with writing.