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You are an excellent fit for the team. I believe you have managed to build very good rapport with the team as well as the stakeholders. Your input to the deliverables and discussions is always insightful and highly valued. I also very much appreciate that you have made an effort to grow your understanding byr eading up on topics related to the projects and sharing relevant articles. 

~ Charlotte Mohn, Consultant

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)

You were the real engine of the team with your leadership quality with deep expertise, your approach which was very supportive and friendly, and your flexibility in decision making. I appreciate your ability in understanding the local context and acting accordingly. Now I think we are on the right track, this is because of your effort.

~ H.E. Mohammed Ahmedia, State Minister of General

Ministry of Education, Ethiopia

You lead by example by working so hard. You know how to balance challenging people but at the same time respecting them. Most importantly, I love your sense of humour!

~ Abayneh Haile,

Team Member & Consultant, Ethiopia

I was always learning from you. The best things I liked about working with you: your focus on the target to be achieved and the dedication you had towards it; your leadership quality which was both firm and flexible which I often miss from other people. Above all, I liked your friendliness and cheerfulness accompanied by respect to each member of your team. 

~ Tayachew Ayalew, Deputy Lead for General Education,

Ministry of Education, Ethiopia

The thing I personally and the team liked the most was the fact that you didn’t try to impose on other people. You instead helped people see and figure out how it might work in their context. You were able to find the right balance between challenge and support. You weren’t too complacent but not pushy either. I have also noted with admiration how you managed to take everyone on board and get them to work for and with you. I have also been impressed by your work rate and the speed by which you do things.

~ Netsanet Demewoz, Director of Education & Team Leader QESSP 

British Council Ethiopia

You are best in managing and coordinating the work, and try your hardest to involve everybody in the work we were doing. You are always fair but firm and you always lead by example. I think you are a great project leader. You’re a very solution oriented person and even when situations were frustrating, you always see and try to solve the problem.

~ Yohannes Fikre,

Team Member & Consultant, Ethiopia

I liked best your result-oriented personality, your ability to do things proactively and your behaviour of treating people with respect and impartiality.

~ Anteneh Mitku, Data Analyst for General Education,

Ministry of Education, Ethiopia

I enjoyed working with you. You are intelligent, hardworking and focused. When there is an issue, you focus on resolving it rather than pointing finger at others. You focus on delivering results. I like the way you manage your team. Everyone seems to be clear on what is expected of them, they are motivated and flexible. You are an excellent leader.

~ Alemsalem Fekadu, Program Manager,

British Council Ethiopia

Atiqah demonstrated her ability to build strong relationships with senior stakeholders of varying cultures. Her communication skills were commended by the client, development partners and team members. Atiqah is not only highly effective, but also is dedicated to coaching and capacity building of those around her. She works independently and is organised, efficient and committed to ensuring the success of the project. Atiqah has a strong ability to problem solve, structuring a solution and bringing together the team to deliver on it. Personally, she is the most effective and reliable team member that I have worked with in the last 15 years.

~ Premala Ponnusamy, Regional Leader,

Delivery Associates, UK



You are one of the most wonderful, brilliant, energetic, proactive and hardworking young ladies I have met in my life. You inspired me in the way you kept your diary, tight schedules, follow-ups and many such good things mandated to you. The way you work will long live in my memory.

~ Dr. Adolf Rutayuga, Executive Secretary,

National Council for Technical Education, Tanzania

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award given to you was very well deserved

~ Neema Ndunguru, Director,

President's Delivery Bureau, Tanzania

Your facilitation style and the workshop as a whole has provided me with a very productive learning experience to push forward in achieving our target. Thanks for your excellent performance in leading the Deliverology workshop.

~ Dereje Andargie Kidanemariam, Assistant Professor,

Debre Berhan University, Ethiopia

We are so happy with your excellent delivery throughout the workshop. You are an excellent trainer.

~ Goitom Abera, Director,

Mekelle University, Ethiopia

I would like to appreciate your strong commitment to support us and your competency in delivering the training.

~ Ermias Haile, Lecturer,

Aksum University, Ethiopia

My Superwoman - an effervescent personality, great mix of traditional and modern and a fantastic way of pulling people together. 

~ Bhavandeep Singh, Manager,

TalentCorp Malaysia

Your drive, passion and activism, as well as your curiosity – Malaysia needs more people like you!

~ Hadrian Numpang, Manager,

TalentCorp Malaysia

Your work was spot-on, exactly what our organisation wanted, and you were innovative in increasing the value and usefulness of the project. Exceptional work!

~ Arioli Naraisiah, Senior Executive,

Malaysian Travel Healthcare Council

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